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How many versions of yourself exist?

I would say I have about five at the very least. The Facebook self which displays my optimistic, “living life to the full” façade, the Twitter self is where I attempt to appear as deep and philosophical as possible (basically retweeting a bunch of Walt Disney quotes), Tumblr is the perfected presentation of my inner – or wannabe – hipster self and Instagram is last but not least, an exhibition of my select, selfie-worthy moments – you know, the ones which are “completely spontaneous” and you just happened to quickly take them on your way out (in reality, about 30 minutes was spent planning the position of your face, hair fixing, hunting down the best lighting and scrolling through filters). Then there’s me. The real me. The individual that cannot be expressed or defined in the confinements of a twitter bio or a Facebook profile picture.

Being part of a generation birthed in the midst of the digital revolution and where social media is omnipresent, it strikes me how so much time is spent creating all these different online versions of ourselves and so little is left to actually discover our true identity. It’s like instead of human beings, we’ve become mannequins, dressing up for show, adorning ourselves with possessions, people and places – all for display- until we’re either accepted and people buy into our pretences, or rejection causes us to scale down our worth and our self-imposed devaluation means we are accepted for something much lower than our priceless selves. You are more than your YouTube hits. Your amount of followers does not reveal your significance. Don’t just “Do it for the Vine”, do things because they matter, do things because you’re passionate, do things to create moments you yourself can cherish and not to please a virtual audience.

In this whirlwind of constant posts, pictures and self-promotion, while the world sees only your ‘final cuts’ and polished performances, make sure there are people in your life who get to see the ‘Behind the Scenes’ footage: expose your unscripted self every once in a while. Take off the accessories and embrace discovery: there are hidden treasures within you waiting to be unearthed.

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