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One day. Ten speakers. Three pledges.

Yesterday evening my vision expanded. I felt the corners of my creativity stretching out to new heights. I saw passion and positive potential collide. The Global Foundation for the Elimination of Domestic Violence has now launched a Youth Council and our induction evening took place last night at The House of Lords. Words fail to express my excitement that I get to play a part in a movement that will make a difference.

Domestic violence is an issue which has been deemed as taboo for far too long. It is not a matter to be hushed up and discounted as a private problem. It is not simply the affair of the victim but it is the responsibility of society. Let us not get so consumed by what we as individual humans must do that we forget our duty to humanity. The statistics are staggering: over two women per week are killed by current or ex-partners, one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes. However, these numbers should not intimidate us but they should ignite us – fuel us in our fight to end the atrocity.

I was in awe at the way so many inspirational figures – varying from lawyers to university lecturers – were eager to empower us young people. They saw a light in us, and because of that, we burned brighter. And we will continue to burn until our light illuminates the dark reality of domestic violence. We learnt about the issue from different and insightful perspectives; the corporate world, the legal aspects, the Middle East and the policing agenda. Not to forget the input and impromptu performance of the amazing Jahméne Douglas – former X Factor runner-up and Youth Ambassador for WomensAid.

The Youth Council are in a unique position to start raising awareness; educating and engaging young people. It is the youth that will forge the future and carve out what is to come; the destiny which awaits the world will dance to the beat of our drums.

I made three pledges last night and writing this blog is my first step to fulfilling them:

1. I will be vocal – unafraid to speak out about my pursuit to end domestic violence.
2. I will try to educate as many people as possible about it.
3. I will never again underestimate the power that lies within me – that lies within all of us – to provoke change.

The founder of EDV, Baroness Scotland QC, is someone whose ability to inspire is timeless. Her ground-breaking achievements leave me speechless. She raised her voice when she embarked on this journey to eliminate domestic violence. I too, alongside an amazing group of young people have started to raise mine and I want to encourage everyone to do so. Raise your voice until silence about what is wrong and what is a crime, is an unknown notion.

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